Facilities Manager (College Point, Qns)

Job Description:
JOB SUMMARY Responsible for managing all aspects of facilities planning, building maintenance, facilities projects, and physical safety and security.
Assist with implementing strategic facilities plans.
MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Manage maintenance of all facilities, buildings, and grounds.
Establish demand maintenance process and preventive maintenance plans.
Ensure all building systems are operational and are maintained in accordance with company policies, environmental regulations, building codes, and local/national regulations.
Manage facilities planning, including physical layout, space allocation, office moves, furniture needs, and office equipment needs.
Coordinate projects with other departments, contractors, and vendors.
Build project plans to include cost estimates, space needs, and furniture and equipment needs.
Oversee facility inspections, building inspector visits, and facility safety inspections.
Address any issues that arise.
Manage vendor relationships.
Review and negotiate bids for vendor services (e.
, janitorial, landscape, HVAC, etc.
Ensure vendor services are performed timely and properly.
Review vendor invoices for accuracy.
Manage facility construction projects.
Track capital costs and ensure adherence to budget.
Manage all building security needs.
Maintain card access systems and security systems.
Establish and communicate emergency and security procedures.
Establish and communicate health and safety procedures in accordance with OSHA standards.
Manage and directly oversee the Charter recycling program.
Ensure compliance with all regulations and company policies.
Prepare facilities maintenance expense budget.
Assist with preparation of facilities capital budget.
Prepare reports for financial and operational analysis of facilities costs.
Perform other duties as required.
REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS Skills/Abilities and Knowledge Ability to read, write, speak and understand English Ability to communicate orally and in writing in a clear and straightforward manner Ability to communicate with all levels of management and company personnel Ability to handle multiple projects and tasks Ability to make decisions and solve problems while working under pressure Ability to supervise and motivate others Ability to prioritize and organize effectively Ability to analyze and interpret data Ability to maintain confidentiality Ability to use a computer and software applications (i.
word processing, spreadsheet, etc.
) Ability to show judgment and initiative and to accomplish job duties Ability to work independently Ability to work with others to resolve problems, handle requests or situations Ability to negotiate with vendors on price, delivery, quality, etc.
Education Bachelor's degree in related field, or equivalent experience Related Work Experience Number of Years Facilities management experience 5+ Supervisory experience 3 WORKING CONDITIONS Office environment Construction project environment Building infrastructure environment (roof, equipment rooms, etc.
) Travel may exceed 25% Flexibility to work nights/weekends as necessary

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